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Tips for Better Yard Health

Lawn Health

Alabama Lawns

Arkansas Lawns –

Leafhoppers – The University of Illinois

Mississippi Lawns –

Moles – University of Arkansas

Mushrooms – David Fischer’s American Mushrooms website

Oklahoma Lawns –

Poison Ivy – if you touch it, getting rid of it, by Sustainable Gardening

Spring Dead Spot  – website dedicated to research & education on SDS

Spring Dead Spot – OSU Fact Sheet

Tennessee Lawns –

Weeds – pictures, info, treatments, germination dates from

Winter damage in bermuda 2010 –  article in the Tulsa World.

Winterkill in bermuda from Oklahoma State University

Trees / Shrub Treatment

Anthracnose leaf blight of shade trees – Ohio State University

Autumn Tree Colors – Why and how trees change colors – U.S. Forest Service

Buying trees – Guidelines from University of Tennessee

Drought – Trees Victims of Heat, Drought –, Science News

Insect & Disease Pests of Turfgrasses and Ornamentals in Alabama – Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Pruning Trees and Shrubs – Oklahoma State University

Pruning a Tree, How To (graphic tutorial) – Forestry

Tree location, topping, and pruning – Arkansas Urban Forestry Council

Tree planting and care of new trees – Deciduous Trees for Oklahoma by OSU Extension

Landscaping Guidance 

Bird Feeding –, how to grow your own black oil sunflower seeds to attract a variety of birds

Bird Feeding – Stokes Birds at Home – types of bird food and what kinds of birds they attract

Bird Feeders – Wild Bird Watching – different types of bird feeders, including those that discourage large birds and squirrels

Composting How-To –

Fall Planting – flowering kale and cabbage – Mississippi State University

Fall Planting – ornamental kale – University of Arkansas

Flower bulbs fall planting – info from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Center and the International Flower Bulb Center

Flower bulbs fall planting – Doug Green’s Flower-garden-bulbs site

Mulch – Different Types, Pros & Cons of each – The Weekend Gardener

Plants & planting information –

Plant Care Guides – National Gardening Association

Poinsettia Care in the Home – Ohio State University Fact Sheet

Poinsettia Care in the Home – Ecke Ranch (they’ve raised poinsettias for 75 years)

Recycle Yard Waste – Don’t Bag It – OSU Fact Sheet

Recycle Leaves for Mulch or Compost – Alabama Cooperative Extension

Residential landscape design – Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Slugs, How to Kill – The Weekend Gardener

Trees are GoodTree Care Guide

USDA Hardiness Map by Zip CodeNational Gardening Association

Winter protection for landscape plants – OSU extension


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