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Fall Projects for Your Fairway Lawn

School is back in session. Fall work retreat next weekend. Football practice in the afternoons. Ballet rehearsals in the evening. Dentist appointment on Thursday. The weather has become calmer, but your life hasn’t slowed down. So we’ve come up with a list of fall lawn projects that take just a few minutes but make all… MORE →

Fun Fairway Fall

Most of us are celebrating the cooler temperatures, kids back at school, the promise of pumpkin flavored everything and excitement of a well-played Hail Mary. For the others – mainly the youngins – who are still mourning the lazy, popsicle dripping summer days, there is time to convert to the love of fall with these… MORE →

September Monthly Spotlight: Oklahoma

Fairway Lawns is happy to serve 7 states in the southern part of the United States. September’s state special feature is Oklahoma! Bermudagrass and Zoysia grass are the main warm season grasses commonly planted in Oklahoma. These grasses thrive in hot summers. Several cool season species are also found, such as Tall Fescue and Kentucky… MORE →

Prepping for a Fairway Fall

Summer of 2015 will go down in US history as the 6th wettest summer on record. Well, for some of us. Some of us are wondering where all that rain went. But if you're one of those lucky regions that got the downpour, that’s great news for your lawn and your water bill dedicated to… MORE →

How-To: Spot a Grub Problem

Grubs are small, white insects that live in your soil and can harm your grass by eating it and the roots. If left untreated, grubs grow to become beetles, which lay eggs that become more grubs. It’s a vicious cycle! It’s good to catch this problem early before they hatch.

The Folklore of Fairy Rings

Few fungi would be referred to as fascinating, but fairy rings have shown up in myths for centuries.  In fact, it’s mentioned often in European literature in the 13th century.  It’s a gateway into the elfin kingdom, a place in the forest or meadow for pixies and fairies to dance, and if you find a… MORE →

August Monthly Spotlight: Tennessee

Fairway Lawns is happy to serve 7 states in the southern part of the United States. August’s state special feature is Tennessee!

Benefits of Backyard Trees

We think tree houses, tire swings, and curb appeal are reasons enough to plant trees in your yard. But what about cost savings and environmental progress? Trees provide that, too! Check below for other benefits planting trees in your yard would provide.

4 Ways to Use Beer in Your Yard

We’ve heard tale of beer getting out stains, enriching hair volume, and easing a stomachache. Old wives tales or facts? You tell us! Below are some interesting tidbits we have either found or heard about beer uses for your lawn.

Natural vs Turf: The Great Grass Debate

Sports teams around the world use both grass and synthetic turf. While some think it is more cost-efficient to have a synthetic turf field, this is actually false. Astroturf requires additional infill, chemical disinfectants, irrigation, sprays to reduce odor and static cling, as well as drainage and maintenance repairs. In addition, a survey of NFL… MORE →

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