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Lisa Shepard completed the Walt Disney World Marathon

Lisa Shepard, our Vice President of Administrative Services, completed the Walt Disney World Marathon recently.    Lisa shares with us about her experience at the Walt Disney World Marathon:  We got there late Wednesday night, then Thursday and Friday we spent shopping at the Run Disney expo. This in itself was an awesome experience! Late… MORE →

Fairway Lawns Year in Review

We at Fairway love to take this time to reflect on the previous year; our great successes and also, ways we can grow. As Facebook releases its Year in Review videos for each user, we’d like to do the same. We want to thank all of you who have spread the word of Fairway’s great… MORE →

How Fairway Gives Back

For some, the holiday season can be a time of chaos. Traffic is crazy, stores are packed, families are traveling, and your to-do list seems to be having a constant growth spurt. For Fairway, November and December are times for us to slow down, reflect on our accomplishments over the past year, and brainstorm ways we… MORE →

Fairway Fall Blooms to Plant Now

For most of the areas Fairway serves, Monday was the first day that truly felt like fall. For southern states, fall temps in the lower 70s means pumpkin spice cupcakes, long sleeve shirts, chili cook offs, and fantasy football. For Fairway, it’s a time for checking out what our clients are planting while we take… MORE →

Shoo Flies Don’t Bother Me

In the field, Fairway Lawns hears a lot about lawns, and not just about how your dog is digging up your newly-planted tomato garden or how the weather is wrecking your mowing schedule. We also hear about the obstacles of not being able to spend as much time on your lawn as you’d like to.… MORE →

How to Host Hummingbirds on Your Lawn

Among the smallest birds, these tiny creatures can only be measured in centimeters, but America’s fascination with them only grows. And for good reason! Hummingbirds abandon all typical anatomical logic by weighing the same amount as a U.S. penny while still having the ability to hover mid-air with wing-flapping rates at a staggering 50 times… MORE →

The Lawn Lover’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

If your dad considers his lawn as a source of pride, this guide is for you. If your dad stands on his lawn, arms crossed, chest puffed out ready for the neighbors to bow down to the Lawn God himself, this guide is definitely for you. If your dad can be seen meticulously pulling weeds… MORE →

How Fairway Can Make Your Summer BBQs the Best on the Block

You’ve thought of everything this summer. The BBQ sauce is ready to marinate for the next couple of days in the fridge. The drinks are chilling in the cooler. The tables and chairs have been wiped down and spider webs removed. The invites are sent out so you’re ready for the best summer BBQ on… MORE →

Anthracnose Disease in Your Trees

Anthracnose disease occurs on many types of ornamental trees. This disease is most common on Ash, Maple, Oak and Sycamore.  Anthracnose is also called “Leaf Blight” or sometimes “Leaf Spot”. This disease is more aggressive during cool, wet weather as the leaves are emerging in the spring. Anthracnose is usually an aesthetic problem, but heavy… MORE →

Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Your Fairway Lawn in the Spring and Summer

If you’re panicking that school is almost out and you have no plans to keep your kids occupied, this blog is for you. If your reaction to the sun last summer was akin to an ancient vampire because you stayed inside for the majority of the season, this blog is definitely for you. If you’re thinking of taking… MORE →


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