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Fireweed, also known as American Burn Weed, is a weed that pops up in lawns every spring (April – June) and seems to be increasing over the last few years in our area. This weed is short-lived and is not controlled by a pre-emergent. It is very shallow rooted and grows in the thatch layer… MORE →

Hope for Slopes

Gardening specialist and author, Evelyn Hadden, has a couple of solutions of adding some spruce to your yard in some of those tough, hard-to-grow spots. She suggests starting on slopes, which are difficult to seed with lawn because of erosion and, if you do get the lawn established, are tricky to mow. Hadden says low-growing… MORE →

Sharp Mower Blades Lead to a Sharper-Looking Lawn

Most mower blades need sharpening at least 3 times a season. You can tell when your blades are dull by looking at the top of the grass plant right after mowing. If it’s white and frayed then your blades are dull. Blade Sharpening Guidelines Tools You Will Need: Work Gloves Adjustable or Socket Wrench Clamp Vise… MORE →

Cleanliness and less bullying attract more hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are particular about the condition of the feeder they use. They will quickly abandon a neglected feeder for a cleaner alternative. Depending on the outside temperature, nectar can spoil in as little as 2-5 days, causing fermentation and mold growth. Remember to keep your feeders shaded in extremely warm temperatures. And only offer nectar in quantities that… MORE →

Beauty Tips For Your Yard That Bring Big Benefits

Lay Down Fresh Mulch: a great way to freshen up flower beds and help give your entire lawn more color and curb appeal. Along with adding beauty, mulch delivers the more meaningful benefits of reducing the amount of watering required and helping to inhibit the growth of weeds. Set Up Stepping Stones: this a great way to bring… MORE →

Turn More Of Your Yard Green

Try these more environmentally friendly ideas to make your yard a little greener: Solar Landscape Lights: they have come a long way in recent years. They’re now available in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices. They’re also more reliable than they used to be; high-quality lights can continue casting a friendly glow throughout the night. Bamboo… MORE →

The Buzz About Digger Bees

Recently, I traveled to the Augusta, Georgia area to perform residential lawn inspections. I came across one lawn with small dirt piles throughout. After a closer inspection, I discovered small, and metallic looking bees hovering just above these dirt mounds in the lawn…. Digger Bees! Digger Bees are located in areas of the lawn where… MORE →


One of the first signs of your yard shaking off the cloak of winter is the sudden burst of growth from your grass. Warmer weather and rain make grass blades shoot up so fast that you can almost watch your lawn grow. When you experience this vigorous new growth, it’s a good time to give your… MORE →

Lawn Care Equipment Maintenance In The Spring

A little bit of service and preventative maintenance can ensure that your lawnmower, string trimmer and other lawn care equipment is running efficiently and won’t break down before you place them back into storage for the winter. Gasoline powered lawnmowers should be serviced using the following simple steps: Remove the gasoline. Leftover gasoline from the… MORE →

Avoid Yard Care Slip Ups In The Snow

In most cases, snow is nothing to fear in the yard – it’s a great insulator, and it melts to provide much needed water to dry plants in the cold months. However, heavy snow and ice buildup can cause devastating damage in the landscape if limbs and trunks bend or break. Here’s what you need… MORE →

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