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For Sale: Curb Appeal

Just how important is curb appeal to your home?

Equipment Review: Mowers

Keeping up your lawn in the in-between times of lawn service shouldn’t be difficult.  That’s why Fairway Lawns, along with a leading consumer advocate magazine, suggests using one of Honda’s mowers, specifically the 21″ Walk Behind Mower.

Marigolds in June

With the onset of summer, many think it is too late to grow seasonal plants. However, June is the perfect time to plant some vegetables and flowers including beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, okra, sunflowers, and impatiens.

How-To: Install a Wooden Fence

Many homeowners have different reasons for installing a fence: pets, children, or simply for better curb appeal. Below we have a detailed How-To guide on what you will need for this project and some video links to help you through it.It’s a big undertaking but with this guide, we think you’ll have your wooden fence surrounding your… MORE →

When it Rains it Pours; How Overwatering Can Damage Your Lawn

So what exactly is overwatering? It can mean different things for different regions, but for southeastern US in the spring, overwatering means you are using an irrigation system, like sprinklers, every day or even every other day. We are getting plenty of rainwater right now, so sprinklers should be shut off until summer when the… MORE →


Fireweed, also known as American Burn Weed, is a weed that pops up in lawns every spring (April – June) and seems to be increasing over the last few years in our area. This weed is short-lived and is not controlled by a pre-emergent. It is very shallow rooted and grows in the thatch layer… MORE →

Hope for Slopes

Gardening specialist and author, Evelyn Hadden, has a couple of solutions of adding some spruce to your yard in some of those tough, hard-to-grow spots. She suggests starting on slopes, which are difficult to seed with lawn because of erosion and, if you do get the lawn established, are tricky to mow. Hadden says low-growing… MORE →

Sharp Mower Blades Lead to a Sharper-Looking Lawn

Most mower blades need sharpening at least 3 times a season. You can tell when your blades are dull by looking at the top of the grass plant right after mowing. If it’s white and frayed then your blades are dull. Blade Sharpening Guidelines Tools You Will Need: Work Gloves Adjustable or Socket Wrench Clamp Vise… MORE →

Cleanliness and less bullying attract more hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are particular about the condition of the feeder they use. They will quickly abandon a neglected feeder for a cleaner alternative. Depending on the outside temperature, nectar can spoil in as little as 2-5 days, causing fermentation and mold growth. Remember to keep your feeders shaded in extremely warm temperatures. And only offer nectar in quantities that… MORE →

Beauty Tips For Your Yard That Bring Big Benefits

Lay Down Fresh Mulch: a great way to freshen up flower beds and help give your entire lawn more color and curb appeal. Along with adding beauty, mulch delivers the more meaningful benefits of reducing the amount of watering required and helping to inhibit the growth of weeds. Set Up Stepping Stones: this a great way to bring… MORE →


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