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One of the first signs of your yard shaking off the cloak of winter is the sudden burst of growth from your grass. Warmer weather and rain make grass blades shoot up so fast that you can almost watch your lawn grow. When you experience this vigorous new growth, it’s a good time to give your… MORE →

Lawn Care Equipment Maintenance In The Spring

A little bit of service and preventative maintenance can ensure that your lawnmower, string trimmer and other lawn care equipment is running efficiently and won’t break down before you place them back into storage for the winter. Gasoline powered lawnmowers should be serviced using the following simple steps: Remove the gasoline. Leftover gasoline from the… MORE →

Avoid Yard Care Slip Ups In The Snow

In most cases, snow is nothing to fear in the yard – it’s a great insulator, and it melts to provide much needed water to dry plants in the cold months. However, heavy snow and ice buildup can cause devastating damage in the landscape if limbs and trunks bend or break. Here’s what you need… MORE →

Weeds Defined

A weed is any plant growing where it is not wanted. Lawn weeds belong to one of three categories: broadleaf, grassy, or grass-like. A typical broadleaf weed is a dandelion. Crabgrass is in the grassy weed category while nutsedge would be classified as a grass-like weed. Now that you know how to spot them, let us… MORE →

The Importance Of Raking Leaves

If you have not been diligent in raking your leaves this past fall you might be in for a patchy lawn this spring. The fact is, fallen leaves create a barrier over the lawn. A leaf mat traps moisture, inhibits sunlight and harbors insects and diseases that can kill patches of even the healthiest grass.… MORE →

Turf Talk: Proper de-icing products to protect your lawn

Snow and ice has been forecasted by the weathermen in a few of our service areas, here are a few tips on choosing the right ice melt, also known as rock salt, snow melt, de-icer, can be a daunting task. As you prepare for winter weather, here is an ice-melt guide to help you figure out which… MORE →

Get In Line For More Benefits With An Online Account

Just in time for spring here’s a great way to save more of your precious time. When you create an online account with Fairway Lawns you cut down the time you have to spend on less exciting things like mailing payments, calling to find out your current balance and maintaining records of your yard’s treatment… MORE →

Crape myrtle blooms rely on smart pruning

Few flowering plants can compete with crape myrtles for vibrant summer color. As an added bonus, crape myrtles thrive in heat and humidity and are drought tolerant to boot. Though many people plant crape myrtles, few people prune them correctly. Correct pruning yields gracefully shaped trees with more blooms that are held upright on strong stems.… MORE →

Winter Lawn Care

During the cold and freezing months avoid walking, playing, parking, and driving on the grass. When the grass is brown and short it can be easy for people to forget that it should not be walked on. Try to prevent very much foot traffic on your winter lawn. Grass is relatively resilient, but it will… MORE →

Turf Talk

Although your lawn may be brown and dormant in January and February and look like it doesn’t need anything, there are literally millions of weed seeds down there, just getting ready to germinate. Over the winter, rain and wind and animals have brought all kinds of seeds to your lawn. Our pre-emergent is designed to stop… MORE →

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