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Winter Lawn Care

During the cold and freezing months avoid walking, playing, parking, and driving on the grass. When the grass is brown and short it can be easy for people to forget that it should not be walked on. Try to prevent very much foot traffic on your winter lawn. Grass is relatively resilient, but it will… MORE →

Turf Talk

Although your lawn may be brown and dormant in January and February and look like it doesn’t need anything, there are literally millions of weed seeds down there, just getting ready to germinate. Over the winter, rain and wind and animals have brought all kinds of seeds to your lawn. Our pre-emergent is designed to stop… MORE →

The Beauty Of Better Lawn Service

Our promise to our customers is to support their lawn care needs with leading products and unmatched expertise while always demonstrating professionalism and integrity. A customer’s trust in us to treat his/her yard means a lot to our entire team. We feel the best way to reward this trust is to provide a level of… MORE →

Polar Vortex Brings Cold Weather

The first day of winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, though the upcoming weather may suggest otherwise. The so-called polar vortex, which sits over the polar region, is pushing down further south than normal in the coming days. The vortex typically contains the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which means much of the… MORE →

Fall Lawns & Landscaping

The first official day of Fall was September 23, though the mornings have been cool and the leaves have been changing colors for a few weeks before that date. The crisp air reminds us that the leaves will soon drop and winter is soon upon us. Your lawn is starting to go dormant for the… MORE →

Heavy Rains Green Lawns; Lower Temperatures

The unusually mild temperatures and heavy rains in states east of the Mississippi makes it hard to believe we are actually in what is usually the hottest and driest part of summer. For many towns around Arkansas, not only was it the coldest July on record but several counties have had flash flood warnings. With… MORE →

Armyworms March Again

Reports are starting to come in from our branches that armyworms have become active once again. Spodoptera frugiperda, commonly known as the Fall Armyworm, is the caterpillar stage of a moth that actively destroys pastures, crops, and lawns. Armyworms will eat everything in the area until there is nothing left; the “army” then moves on… MORE →

Surviving the Summer Heat

The summer solstice occurred last Saturday, marking the official first day of summer. Naturally, the heat of the summer crept in weeks before the solstice, with highs well into the 80s and 90s – with no rain in sight. This could spell disaster for your landscaping (or your lawn!) should you forget to water it,… MORE →

Lawn Green-Up Behind “Schedule”

We expect our lawns to be green in the spring and continue to thicken up throughout the summer. Even though we are about to enter June, some lawns just aren’t there yet….why ? Cold weather! All of our territories, from Oklahoma to Arkansas, are about three to four weeks behind schedule – in other words,… MORE →

Customer Assistant Tool Makes Lawn Care Personal

Fairway Lawns is delighted to have a great feature called “Customer Assistant” available for our customers, which was introduced earlier this year. Simply create an account with an email and a password and you will have access to your personalized lawn care service. Features include: Request estimates and service calls View payment and service history… MORE →


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