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Fall Lawn Care Continues

Posted by Kathy Wilder

Nov 4, 2010 3:08:00 PM

Lawn care is still a factor even when the leaves turn red and the air is crisp!  Here are some things to consider.

Planting - November is still a great time to plant pansies.  Want to add something different and showy?  Try colorful flowering cabbage and kale.  Here’s a great article from Mississippi State University to show you how beautiful these plants can be in your garden.  They love cool weather and are surprisingly hardy, withstanding temperatures into the teens and lower.  Their colors actually intensify as it gets colder.  The University of Arkansas also has a good article on ornamental kale.

pink ornamental kale

Compost & Mulch – Recycle those leaves!  Chopped up leaves make great mulch.  Or, if you have a compost pile, add lawn debris and leaves to it.  But be sure NOT to add any diseased or insect-damaged debris or leaves, as you don’t want the insects or diseases to overwinter in your compost! If you’d like more info on mulching with leaves, or want to know how to start a compost pile, The Alabama Cooperative Extension has a great article on using leaves for mulch or compost.  If you’re interested, another cool website worth looking at is called

Pruning – The best time for pruning trees and shrubs is from Nov. 15 through March 15.  Pruning incorrectly can ruin or weaken a tree, but Oklahoma State University has a terrific pdf file on pruning that you can download or print out that tells you exactly how to do it! 

Fescue – Continue mowing your fescue grass on a regular basis.  And, yes, keep the leaves up, too. (I’m suffering with you, believe me…)

Water – Your lawn really needs water, unless you’re in some magical place that’s getting an inch of rain per week.  Most of our service area is exceedingly dry and has been for a month at least – parts are even in extreme drought.  We know the upcoming freezing temps make you want to put up the hose and wrap up the faucets.  But the combination of dry and freezing is what kills grass and damages landscapes.  We suggest you put the hose in the garage and cover your outside faucets with insulated covers, like those Styrofoam cup things.  When the temperatures are above freezing, uncover the faucet and haul out the hose every chance you get.  Hopefully, we’ll fall into a rainy fall weather pattern pretty soon, and the point will be moot.  It’s more difficult if you have automatic sprinklers, because when you turn them off and winterize for the season, you’re pretty much done!

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