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Elegant Stinkhorn Mushrooms

Posted by VC Peet

Oct 5, 2012 10:24:00 AM

I opened my garage door this morning and immediately detected an unpleasant fragrance.  I thought to myself, “Maybe it’s coming from the trash cans on the side of my house”.  As I walked around to investigate, I discovered these odd-looking mushrooms.  After taking a few pictures and almost passing out from the smell, I did some research.

Here is what I discovered:

StinkhornThis mushroom is called the “Elegant Stinkhorn Mushroom”. It’s typically found around decaying plant material in flower beds and gardens and is covered with a green-colored slime making up the fungi's spores (like flower pollen). The spore attract flies that will carry the pollen and cause the fungi to spread. Underneath the plant material, there are white-looking eggs with long white strings protruding out from them.  These white strings are called “mycelia”, which is the actual fungus. Getting rid of these mushrooms was not very fun.  You’ll need the following items: 

1. Gloves (so you don’t get the horrible smell all over your hands)

2. Trash bag

3. Small hand shovel

4. A lot of patience!

Now the fun part begins - remove the mushrooms, white eggs/white string, and the decaying plant material and dispose of it into a trash bag. Depending on how many stinkhorns you have growing, it miay take you while to finish - this took me just over an hour or so to complete, plus I had to take a few breaks from the smell!

For more information, click here.

Special thanks to Jim Milliman for contributing this article!

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