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Lawn Care Tips - Seeding Fescue in the Spring


fescue seed

We have just one word to say about seeding in the spring – DON’T.  Fescue grass should be seeded in your shade areas in the fall – between September 15th  and October 15th. (I am referring to our service areas only, zones 6b-7b.) Fall is the beginning of fescue’s growing season and thus the most logical and agronomically-sound time to seed it.  If you seed now, you will lose at least half of it during the heat of the summer, because it hasn’t had enough time to form the root system it needs or to build up the carbohydrates it requires to suffer through the heat.  Fescue is a cool season grass.  It is heat intolerant, not sun intolerant.

Just last week, we went out to do an estimate for a lady and discovered that her back yard was completely dead.  She said she had paid someone to seed it last spring, but it died.  Unfortunately, that didn’t surprise us, and we advised her on the proper time for seeding.  What a shame that she wasted her money!  Paying someone to seed isn’t cheap.

Some people insist on seeding fescue in the spring, because they think it keeps their lawns thicker.  Or, maybe they have bare areas they just can’t live with until fall.  If you must, you must – just please be aware that it won’t do as well as fescue seeded in the fall. 

And, if you’re tired of seeding every year, we have some shade alternatives you might want to explore.  But if you’re determined to keep grass in those areas, be sure to check out our step-by-step seeding procedures for next fall.


I have several bare spots that remain after you all got all of my weeds killed. I need to stop the run-off from washing all the dirt away. If not fescue, then will rye cover the spots and last through the summer? If not rye, are there any alternatives?
Posted @ Thursday, March 24, 2011 6:42 PM by DeLane Cox
Kathy thank you for your honesty in telling folks not to seed in the Spring for the reasons you mentioned. Also, customers during the months of April-October watch your fescue and play close attention to any yellowing. Brown Patch a disease can easily develope in your lawn, and will quickly damage or kill the Fescue faster than any other turf. Please water in the am. Not to early, usually after 6am is best. thank you Kathy, we are fortunate to have you.
Posted @ Friday, March 25, 2011 11:06 AM by The Lawn Guy
Hi, Delane – sorry for the delay in answering! Where are your bare spots and how big are they? Are they in fescue or Bermuda? Rye will not last through the heat, so if necessary, fescue would do better if it’s in the shade, in a fescue area – just remember that it won’t look great until you overseed in the fall. If you are referring to bare areas in Bermuda, in the sun, the Bermuda should fill in if the areas aren’t too large. If they are large areas in the Bermuda, then you might want to lay a little sod. Hope this helps!
Posted @ Friday, March 25, 2011 11:38 AM by Kathy W.
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